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A Cheaper Alternitive to Yound Living Oils

I have enjoyed Young Living since I first got started with essential oils. They have very potent and extremely pure oils and I can always be sure they are pure, strong and optimal quality when I put them on! But it doesn’t help them fit into the budget any better; you are paying for the… Continue reading A Cheaper Alternitive to Yound Living Oils


Saturday Swap: DIY Bug Repellant 

Summer has fully arrived and with it lots of mosquitoes!! But you might not want to run to the store and pick up a bottle of Bug Off. Most common bug repellants contain DEET or pyrethrin which has some hasty side affects! “For pyrethrins: Breathing difficulty, Coughing, Loss of alertness due to imbalance in oxygen level, Tremors (if a large… Continue reading Saturday Swap: DIY Bug Repellant 


Saturday Swap #1 Face Care Routine

The Saturday Swap series is written to help inspire you to replace the items your already buying with healthier and cheaper ones! Most of the recommended products are homemade, natural, pure, and essential oil infused! I hope these swaps encourage you to live a more healthy and joyful lifestyle! Standard skin care routines consist of: Cleanser… Continue reading Saturday Swap #1 Face Care Routine