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A Cheaper Alternitive to Yound Living Oils

I have enjoyed Young Living since I first got started with essential oils. They have very potent and extremely pure oils and I can always be sure they are pure, strong and optimal quality when I put them on! But it doesn’t help them fit into the budget any better; you are paying for the quality!

So, sometimes I like to have an alternative company to buy from when the purity isn’t as impotent and Plant Therapy has been the place I go!

They have organic oils (average $10 per bottle) and non-organic oils (average $7 per bottle), as well as lots of blends, kids blends, carrier oils and tools.

Plus, on top of the very reasonable prices, they offer $10 off first purchase, free shipping on every order and other weekly sales!

I have also found there quality to be adequate but, of course it can be hard to tell without lab testing.

Marvy Moms did a great interview with Plant Therapy so you can get a in depth look at the company.

I hope you enjoy this young and dedicated essential oil company as much as I have!


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