How to Heal Scars

I don’t know about you, but I burn myself in the kitchen all the time! It’s really sad! I have a few big scars from it so I made some scar serum to help heal them.

This serum isn’t any miracle potion, and won’t make your scars disappear over night, but it will help them diminish over time and will especially help prevent scars when they’re healing!

This is a really simple project and this serum is so handy to have around wether you burn, cut or scrap yourself

I would recommend getting a roller top bottle, these make application really easy. You can find them at a health food store with soap making supplies or online for a good price!



1. Mix together the oils and essential oils in a bowl

I chose Frankinsence, Lavender  and Lemon. All three of these are great for healing skin, (I would also use Melrose if I had it).


2. Pour the product into your container or bottle. Snap on the roller fitment and screw the lid on!


3. Label your bottle and enjoy!

The labels I used are here: http://www.theprettyblog.com/style-and-home/organising-storing-pantry/




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