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Eucalyptus Species: Radiata, Globulus and Blue

Eucalyptus-Blue-Young-Living-Essential-Oil Eucalyptus-Radiata-Young-Living-Essential-Oil 3539

Young Living sells three different types of eucalyptus essential oils! Most people (including myself for a long time) don’t know any difference between the two, therefore making it hard to choose which one to buy. As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, different species of essential oils are very similar and basically the same oil with very subtle differences, but still do have different names and are separate oils. So here are a few minor distinctions of the eucalyptus oils!

Eucalyptus Radiata

  • Is the only eucalyptus oil that can be used on children
  • Has a lighter smell that eucalyptus globulus
  • Use when infections are deep in the lungs
  • Great for skin and hair use

Eucalyptus Globulus

  • This one is the only species that can be taken internally*
  • Stronger scent and more potent
  • Use when you have infections higher up in the chest
  • Pregnant woman should consult a doctor before use
  • Especially important that you dilute this species because it is very strong

Eucalyptus Blue

  • This one is the most “light smelling” of all eucalyptus essential oils, (has a “pine tree-ish scent in my option)
  • A good choice for emotional balance
  • Has a very warm and invigorating scent
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

*Only applies to the Young Living brand.


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