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How to Cure a Cough

For about the last 2-3 weeks I had a terrible cough. Yes, I really should have stopped it at the beginning, because once you let it go it gets really hard to stop. Although, at the beginning you feel like it’s just a little tickle in your throat and before you know it, it’s grown into this huge monster.
So how do you kill this monster?
Well let’s start a list.
1. Diagnose Yourself
Something inside of you is making you fell this way. You know yourself best, think through the worst things that you are doing health wise. If you need to cut back on processed sugar/carbs then do it, because prevention is half the cure.
2. Get Your Sleep (and at the right hours) this might seem not that important, but you body heals itself when it sleeps, and getting your body to heal itself is what we want.
So set a time of when you actually want to be in bed, and hold yourself to it.
3. Guzzle Away
Drinking water is crucial, it flushes the body of any impurities. Make sure you are drinking half your body weight in ounces every day
4. Use Essential Oils
Using oils is a vary powerful way to kick your cold. Thieves, frankincense, lemon and eucalyptus are just a few of the many oils you could use for colds, cough and flu.
5. Detox Baths
These are sooo good for you, I LOVE
Detox baths! They are wonderful for everything from everyday detoxing to coughs and colds to aching muscles to restless nights and much more.

here are some great resources for detox baths:

More to check out here:

6. Put Onions On Your Feet.
Ok, this might sound a little weird but it’s actually quite scientific. onions are naturally toxin-absorbing, and the largest absorbing pores  on your body are on your feet, so when you put sliced onions on your feet, they are drawing the toxins from your body towards them. So how I do this is right before I go to bed I’ll grab a tight pair of socks, slice two pieces of an onion, and just slip em’ inside your socks and you’ve got a toxin-absorbing sickness-killing little factory! Read more about it here.
7. Make Sure You Are Eating Right
we all know how important this is, but especially when you are sick all you feel like eating is comfort food. although let me tell you, you reap the benefits when you eat healthy, I know I have.
8. Take Your Vitamins
often times if your sick, your going to be deficient in some vitamin or minerals. so popping pills will definitely help jumpstart your process of getting well.
the most common vitamins to be deficient in are:

vit c and D3

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


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