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8cups – The Water Bottle for The 21st Century

Hydration is very important for our health. It makes up a large percentage of our body and affects every cell. It detoxes, cleanses, helps our immune system, aids sleep, gives you energy etc. Plus, water is free and easy to drink. It should be the first priority for our health. 
But, how many people drink their full 8 cups of water a day? I know I usually don’t, actually I rarly do! 
The inconvenience of remembering when to drink and how much you drank is causing us to be dehydrated!
But, I have found the 8cups water bottle. It automatically syncs what you have drank with your smartphone. And when you need to drink more the LED light comes light up on your bottle to remind you it’s time to drink more (no annoying sounds from your water drinking app).
It’s (of course) water proof and has a no-slip rubber bottom. 
I LOVE the sleek modern look and it comes in five colors, all beautiful hues. 
This is the water bottle for the 21st Century! 
To pre buy yours for a 14.5% discounted price or to fund their campange go to 
*I am not being paid in any form to promote this item or this company.

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