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Everyday Essential Collection Part 8: Stress Away

Stress Away, hmmm I wonder what this oil might do? Well, you probably guessed it, it takes away stress! This one is great for people who have adrenal fatigue or are under high stress.

This is a neat testimony of someone who used this oil to help her sleep:

Author: Jeanie Lephart
Location: CO, United States
Posted: 06-09-2010 
“Prior to being introduced to YL oils, I took Trazadone and, later, Ambien, to help me sleep. After getting Stress Away and Rutavala at last year’s convention, I began using it every night before bed.
I use the roll-ons – Rutavala first, zigzagging up my spine from as far down as I can reach to the dimple at the base of my skull, then behind my ears, and on my wrists. I hold my wrists together for 10-20 seconds and then inhale 4 or 5 times. I wait a couple of minutes and then repeat with the Stress Away.
Now I fall asleep easily and don’t wake during the night (and if I do wake up for some reason, I have no problem getting right back to sleep). 
I love all the Young Living oils

Practical ways to use it
-Apply on the bottom of feet before stressful situations or events
-Rub on the bottom of feet or your back  to promote sleep
-Rub onto sore muscles to aid the pain and stiffness

This essential oil is also sold in a rollerball bottle for easy application.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Sources: http://www.oil-testimonials.com


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