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Lavandula angustifolia vs. Lavandula spica

Lavender is one of the most used essential oils. It has very many properties and uses ranging from calming to healing and is great for headaches and sanitizing cuts. It’s a wonderful oil and knowing how these two species are different will help you use them to their fullest advantage. True Lavender: Lavandula angustifolia It… Continue reading Lavandula angustifolia vs. Lavandula spica


4 Ways to Use Essential Oils on Your Pets

Guest post by Madison Reamer Statistics show the lifespan of Americans companion animals is now half what it was in 1950s. For thousands of years, the world’s cats and dogs ate a consistently changing variety of fresh, whole foods. Cats hunted rodents, birds and other small pray while dogs went after larger game and developed… Continue reading 4 Ways to Use Essential Oils on Your Pets

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Frankincense vs. Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil

Have you ever wondered the difference between Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense essential oil. I have too! So I did some research and found out some interesting info! Regular Frankincense Boswellia carterii  sourced from Somalia. best choice for your immune system  cheaper* less pungent smell Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil Boswellia sacra  sourced from Oman used for it’s more spiritual… Continue reading Frankincense vs. Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil