Everyday Essential Series · Thieves · Young Living

Everyday Essential Collection Part 6: Thives

Ever wondered if there is a healthy alternative to all the chemical filled cleaners? There is, it’s called Thieves!
It’s anti-infectious, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-sceptic. It’s the perfect  cleaner! 
But how do you turn this oil into a cleaner? Good question! Young Living sells a concentrated cleaner made with this oil that is supper easy to use, just pour one capful into a bottle of warm water and shake! 
Since a 14 oz concentrated cleaner bottle only costs $28 retail (24% less wholesale). It costs about $1 or less to make a liquidated bottle of this cleaner. So, not only it this a healthy safe option, but also super cheap! 
This cleaner can be used as…
Stain remover
Glass cleaner
Bathroom cleaner
Fruit and vegetable wash
Mold removal 
Car cleaner
Floor cleaner
Oven cleaner
And just about anything else you can think of! 
Maybe it’s just me but I’m always paranoid about getting my clothes stained whenever I use a bleach cleaner. But when I use thieves I never have to worry about that! Just another reason I love this cleaner! 
Thieves is also great as an immune booster. I had this really bad cold coming down on me really fast! A really nasty, big one. So, I just put about 15 drops thieves  in an empty gelatin capsule and by the next day it was almost gone! It also works great for flus and coughs. Now it’s always my go-to remedy for seasonal ailments! 
P. S. You might be wondering why it is called thieves? Well, In the 14th and 15th centuries, a great plague ravaged Europe and millions of people died. A group of thieves would annoint themselves with a special essential oil blend so they were able to walk among the dead and dying and steal from them. When they were caught and brought to the king, they told him that they were spice merchants, trapped in the city because the ports had been closed due to the plague. They had run out of money, and had resorted to stealing. They knew that they would be immune from the plague by anointing themselves with herbs and spices. The king had this information posted throughout the lands. Today, we have an essential oil blend named “Thieves” based on their immunity to the plague. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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