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Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils

Today, I want to tell you about the essential oils I buy and why I chose this brand above all the others. 

Young living is dedicated to having the highest quality essential oils in the world. They adhere to very stringent rules throughout the whole production process, these are the only oils I use because I know that they are pure, safe, effective and the most potent. 

Young Living owns nine farms around the world and are the only essential oil company that owns their own farms. 
  • They start with buying properties that have never been farmed before, 
  • put multiple nutrients back into the soil, 
  • choose seeds for their therapeutic grade, 
  • weed by hand and use oil for pest control, 
  • harvest at the precise time of year and time of day, 
  • distill with low temperature, 
  • low-pressure steam for just the right amount of time, 
  • test each batch of oil in their labs and in third party audits, 
  • formulates, 
  • packages in a sterile packing room, 

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How are essential oils distilled?
These oils are distilled by putting plant material into large stainless steel cylinders running steam up from the bottom. The steam picks up the oil sacs from the plants and takes them out through the top of the distiller. the steam is cooled back into water and the oils floats to the top and is removed.

They also only process it once. Other companies steam it four times and then mix all the results together to get more out the plants, but that results in a much more diluted oil. Young Living only steams it once so there oils are much more potent than other brands. 
  • It takes 5,000 lbs. of rose petals to distill down into one pound of rose essential oil. That is a whole entire warehouse full. 
  • A distillery that is 20 feet tall and eight feet across filled with german chamomile produces 1/4 – 1/2 a cup of essential oil. 

Why is purity important? Arn’t all essential oils pure? Unfortunately most essential oils, even those found in health food stores, may be synthetic, adulterated, diluted and can even be toxic. 

Young Living never sacrifices quality for sales. If they are not able to produce with their very high standards, they just don’t produce it. A quality that is rarely (if ever) seen in companies. Plus there price is just as good, if not cheaper than other brands!

Selling opportunity:
Young living also has a compensation plan for sharing you living with your friends! This is a very flexible business and who wouldn’t want to make money by doing something your going to do anyway! 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


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